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Kansas State Department of Education has teamed with Renaissance Learning™, the maker of Accelerated Reader™, to create Kansas All Books Connect (Kansas ABC). Kansas ABC is a reading initiative consisting of tools & services to help educators and parents match books to kids to promote successful reading practice.

Kansas ABC's tools and services help ensure students are matched to books within their reading achievement and maturity ranges—books that are neither too easy nor too difficult—that challenge students without causing frustration or loss of motivation.

To do this, Kansas ABC takes a student's score on the Kansas State Reading Assessment and provides a customized grade reading range.

Kansas ABC also includes a web-based book-searching tool, www.kansas.bookconnect.com, which allows students, parents, and teachers to use the personalized reading range to search for interesting and appropriate books. Whether doing a quick search or an advanced search, you can always refine your list based on reading and maturity levels—helping you put the right book in the right hands at the right time to promote effective reading practice.